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Who We Are

The mission of the D.A.D. Initiative is to ready children, especially those of color, for a successful future by engaging students, families, and the communities they are a part of with quality programs, interactions, and genuine love.


Founded by Tyran Stallings in 2014, The DAD Initiative (Directing Adolescent Development) has helped over 3,000 young people to improve socially, emotionally, and academically. Participants have had a chance to learn essential skills that are not focused on in school, including: emotional management, healthy social engagement, goal setting, and financial basics. More importantly, they were given the chance to develop confidence, to feel loved and empowered, and to understand their importance to society and their capacity to effect change for themselves and others. We believe that fostering the positive mental and emotional growth of young people has a direct impact on curing societal problems like poverty, the prison pipeline, infant mortality and fatherless homes.  Understanding that circumstances social circumstances create most of the challenges youth face, our work has expanded to include programs for families and communities. We also provide trainings to schools to help staff better understand and services youth from diverse cultural backgrounds.

"A child cannot be taught by anyone who despises him, and a child cannot afford to be fooled. A child cannot be taught by anyone whose demand, essentially, is that the child repudiate his experience, and all that gives him sustenance."

James Baldwin


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