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About Us

The mission of the D.A.D. Initiative is to ready children, especially those of color, for a successful future by engaging students, families, and the communities they are a part of with quality programs, interactions, and experiences.


About The DAD Initiative: The Directing Adolescent Development (D.A.D.) Initiative is a non-profit founded in 2013 when founder, Tyran Stallings, noticed the need to grow black male participation in the educational process, where only 2% of teachers are black men. The ethos behind the initiative is that “the foundation for massive change starts with incremental ones”.  The D.A.D. Initiative now serves thousands as it engages students, families, and the community in programs spanning from technological education to workforce development. The initiative provides mentorship, education workshops, 21st century skills development courses, summer enrichment programs, community health events, and workforce development trainings.

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