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What We Do

Making A Difference


The Brothers Brunch

Social & Emotional Learning | Career readiness |Networking

Young men & women ages 11 and up are welcomed to join us for a morning of brunch, conversation, and activities focused on making them successful academically, financially, socially, emotionally.


21st Century Skill programs

Aligning Academics with Workforce Need


Our school based programs teach social and emotional competence with a academic twist. Courses like coding, drone piloting, and financial literacy, student's are exposed to emerging market skills while keying in on the core social and emotional competencies needed to successfully navigate school and the workplace.


C.O.R.E. (Creating Opportunity for Real Employment)

Workforce Development

RWB Construction and The DAD Initiative have partnered to create a workforce development model, C.O.R.E., which is both viable and sustainable. Students will receive not only construction specific training, but also coursework in social necessities including financial literacy, interviewing, character development, and resume writing. Combining both organizations’ strengths, leads to a strong program with every facet of content being delivered by an expert on the subject.


D.A.D. Knows

 Trainings & Presentations

The D.A.D. Initiative engages in both speaking engagements and trainings. Our menu includes Equity in Education, Youth Resilience, and Culturally Relevant Social & Emotional Learning. We are currently creating new modules to train auxiliary school staff on ACE's & appropriate interventions, as well as family engagement techniques.

We have several programs that are reproducible, all of which have an underlying social & emotional learning component and 21st century skills base.

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