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Thank you for your interest in this year's DAD Initiative Summer Camp. Considering the current health crisis, we are  presenting a virtual camp option to ensure the safety of your children. The following bullet points will outline the flow of this year's program.

  • Camp is free of charge this year. Donations are encouraged and appreciated.

  • Classes include: Chess, Percussion, Coding, Cinematography, and Fitness.

  • Class is from 10am - 11am,  Mon - Fri.

  • Tutoring is available each day from Noon - 3 pm 

  • Every child will get a personal social and emotional learning session each week.

  • Children will get enrichment assignments to complete after class each day. 

  • Camp begins June 15th and ends July 24th

Register for camp here:

DAD Virtual Summer Camp 2020

We've got it. Thanks!

DAD Summer Camp 2020 Information

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